Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dumbo up the Hills - #12: A Nameless Path

One day, bored with the usual route up the Ayer Itam Dam, my uncle led me up another route - one of the many cemented paths used by the hill dwellers (mostly vegetable planters) as their access roads.

There was heavy rain the past couple of days, as evidenced by the small landslide seen in the following picture:

The Penang Water Supply Authority (PBA) has a small reservoir here to collect the streams and channel the water to the Ayer Itam Dam.

We saw a sign that said "Middle Way", and thought that it leads to the Middle Station of the Penang Hill funicular train; but it turned out to be a Buddhist meditation centre.

My uncle is a dog lover, so the following picture seems to be telling an interesting tale of man sizing up dog as would-be pet and dog sizing up man as would-be owner.

The following picture was taken at the highest point we reached before turning back downward.

We took a different path down...

In the following picture, there is a small cemented path on the right branching off the main cement path we are walking down. That smaller path leads to the Ayer Itam Dam.

Along the above-mentioned smaller path, we saw the evidence of another minor landslide...

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